Magically Mundane with the Full Moon in Pisces

This weekend is my birthday weekend. My birthday wish (influenced by this year’s Full Moon in Pisces), was to have some time to do whatever I wanted, drift, dream or wander as the spirit moved me. So what did I find myself doing yesterday? Cleaning, organizing and making spreadsheets.

At one point during the day, as I was scrubbing the walls with an all natural biodegradable and essential oil scented cleaner, I had a little talk with myself. “You do realize you’re being a very stereotypical Virgo, right? Cleaning the house? Spreadsheets? Seriously? Is this really what you want to be doing right now?”

And when I checked in with myself it was what I wanted to be doing, it felt right and good all the way into my bones. I was purifying, sorting and analyzing and it was deeply fulfilling. Later, I checked in again and with my inner Virgo satisfied for the day, my natal Moon in Aquarius square Neptune (influenced by the transiting void of course moon in Aquarius edging towards a Full Moon in Pisces) wanted to watch mindless reality TV. And so begin a five hour marathon of 90 Day Fiancee. My inner Virgo was cringing, but Moon in Aquarius wanted to space out, escape and speculate on cross cultural marriages through the lense of reality tv.

Virgo grounds us in the real world, helping us navigate the details of daily life. The Virgo goddess Astraea was the last immortal in the Greek pantheon to leave the earth and abandon humans after Pandora opened her box and unleashed chaos into the world. Astraea stayed behind after all the other gods had left for the heavens, helping mortals adjust to life on earth. Astraea’s name also means “Star Maiden” and so she is said to bring renewal, balance and inspiration.

As I cleaned, cleared and organized this weekend, I put myself back into balance. Watching escapist TV, something I rarely do, brought me into another kind of balance by allowing myself to check out and turn off my monkey brain. Yes, meditation, prayer or ritual would have been a more “perfect” Pisces moon activity. But in pursuit of another kind of balance, a balance of allowing myself to be imperfectly human, I tapped into the collective conscious mind to see what was happening there and it turned out to be 90 Day Fiancee.

How are you navigating your own Virgo/Pisces journey? This weekend’s Full Moon offers up a fertile rich earth trine with the Sun in Virgo harmonizing with Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus and the Moon in Pisces opposing the Sun and sextiling Saturn and Uranus.  The Full Moon welcomes us into the harvest season, giving us the tools we need to reap what we have sown and the vision to map our growth.

Mars also goes direct in Capricorn on Monday after a two month retrograde journey. Clearly, shit wants to get done and this is the time to do it. Pisces is asking for creativity, dreaminess and intuition. Virgo and the rest of the earth tribe want a plan, they want organization, hard work and commitment and also innovation and thinking outside the box but in a practical way. What can you dream up and make happen? What is already underway that needs another shoulder on the wheel to get it moving once more? How can you balance yourself and clear away anything that is preventing you from taking next steps?

Flower Essences for Full Moon in Pisces with Earthy Influences: Wisestars Saturn Blend, Wisestars Neptune Blend, Blackberry, Iris and Star Tulip

Stones: Laborodite, Malachite






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