Uranus into Taurus on May 15: Mama Earth Wakes Up

Uranus moves into Taurus on May 15 and it’s almost as if Mother Nature puts her hand up and says “hold on folks, this show ain’t over yet”. Uranus’ movement into the second sign is a signal to change the screens in our mass reality tv show and welcome in a new kind of encounter with our inner rebel/teenager/genius/truthteller. Uranus is the kundalini electric, lightning bolt of connection to the divine that wakes us up, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and sometimes even physically. Smell the smoke as lightning sizzles and hits the ground, setting fire to the old and done. There’s an electric buzz as the air vibrates, alive with the shockwaves of getting "woke". Uranus directs us towards a kind of potential future that exists only in the present moment.

When the planet of change is strong in our awareness, which happens at every moment of planetary transition(and is happening right now), it makes everything a bit more interesting, exciting, awake and aware, like a high voltage wire, lighting life up.

Collectively we are poised at the end of an Aries cycle, waiting in a cosmic pause as we prepare to turn towards the start of a new era. One moment ends and a new one begins as the wheel turns, and the cycle continues, spinning like the earth on her axis, turning and turning, weaving the spiral current of  life.

For the first time since 1934-1941, Uranus dons a Taurus costume, evoking the electric power of Mama Earth. The roots that tie us to the planet are jolted with the energy of the sky as the earth wakes up.  This transition can usher in a period when we began to experience the plants and the green life around us in a whole new and even revolutionary way. 

Taurus is a sign that needs to fully be embodied, to revel in the plenty of the earth with all the senses. As this 8 year cycle continues there can be new information that emerges about our bodies and what it means to have a body. Farmers and food creators transform the way they produce food, or they revolt, or truths are exposed about what we eat. With Taurus involved, the most basic necessities that we need for survival: food, shelter, safety, are in the Uranian spotlight. Money and currency, our basic symbols for value, also undergo the Uranian treatment, as new options grow (Bitcoin, etc) . Change happens where change usually doesn’t happen, as Uranus’ lightning bolt strikes the ground.

Some of us will need to learn how to get more comfortable with movement as the ground shifts under our feet. Others will be too busy dancing to the rhythm of the earth’s changing beat. There’s a primal encounter here, as earth meets sky, an ancient ritual of the elements underway. Collectively and as individuals, we will need to make a decision about where we stand, what our values are and where our integrity lies.  Taurus, ruled by Venus the goddess of love, asks us where we find our hearts, how we experience pleasure and most importantly of all: where is our joy? Taurus centers us in the deep soil of our own lives, while Uranus shakes us up within that soil, asking for a new awareness and a shift in our perspective.