New Moon in Taurus-Wishes, Flower Essences and More!

(exact April 26 at 5:16 am pdt)

Dirt loving, flower sniffing, rolling in the mud, licking off the mango juice, savoring the red wine/dark chocolate/truffle/umami flavor...A Taurus revelry commences tomorrow with the Taurus New Moon welcoming in the springtime with full earthy pleasure power. You might want to kneel and kiss the ground to welcome in the time of flowers blooming and bees buzzing, or maybe you’ll want to do your own kind of earth dance, calling up the fire in the earth and letting the star fire showers fall gently down under a night sky. It’s time now in the northern hemisphere where the rains start to ease up and the sun settles in for awhile.

The Aries fire calms a little, for just a moment until Venus moves back into her warrior dress in a few days for a month or so. Mars buzzes around in early Gemini, waking us up, connecting the dots, bringing us together, words, thoughts, ideas. But Mercury keeps the pace slow, still turned inwards, face back, roots down, until May 3.

Enjoy Daffodil flower essence now to brush out winter’s cobwebs and welcome back the flowers, the sun and fertility of life. Daffodil brings it’s warmth to our hearts, builds our confidence in creating a future we can believe in and supports our hope and optimism. (Contact me to purchase or make your own!)

A Rose, Orange and Ylang Ylang Essential oil will orient you even more to the earthy sensuality and awakening warmth of this Taurus New Moon. Blend in coconut, almond or jojobo oil for a DIY perfume and enjoy whenever you need a pleasurable moment or two.

New Moon Wishes (thanks to Jan Spiller)

Make at least 3 not more than 10-write them down



Pleasure and ease


Getting grounded/security

Protection for the earth and her creatures


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