The Times They are A Changing

The times and the planets are indeed a'changing...can you feel it? This week we've had quite a planetary whirlwind with the Sun moving into Taurus (Monday), Pluto turning retrograde (Thursday), Mercury retrograding back into Aries (Thursday) and Mars moving into Gemini (today-Friday). What a whirlwind of changing planetary energy reflecting the times! Luckily we have earthy planets to keep us grounded as the change swirls around us. If things feel stagnant or stuck, it's only because it may be time to catch our footing. In my case literally, as I strained my ankle on Monday from overdoing my exercise routine, giving me a big heads up from the universe that it was time to slow the %(&# down! I'm trying hard to listen to the wisdom of the stars and use my Taurus sloooow time wisely. Tomorrow's plan is to get my hands in some garden dirt...How are you keeping sane and grounded in the midst of upheaval?

heather vuchinichComment