The sky:

If you are looking for: tools for getting unstuck, a greater understanding of yourself, guidance around the timing of important events, insight into important relationships, counsel on which areas of your life to prioritize and which to minimize, then an astrological coaching session is for you. I can help you reconnect to your sense of purpose, move stagnant energy and provide you with personalized rituals and remedies that will help you to live your best life.

The earth:

Flower essences will allow you to more gracefully move through obstacles, help you to blossom into your fullest self, and ease transitions in times of change.


These two modalities can catalyze a sense of connection and support from the universe that can at times feel like pure love being directed right at you. Clients have said they've gained more insight into themselves and their lives in a one hour astrological consultation than through years of therapy. Ongoing astrology consultations can also teach you how to align your timing with the powerful cycles of the stars, alleviating stress and maximizing positive outcomes. Astrology diagnoses and guides, while flower essences catalyze change and help you navigate through stuck patterns and issues.

My consultations include a blend of astrology, intuition, and what some would call channeling. I will often suggest ritual, flower essences, aromatherapy or other tools to help support your journey. I also teach a variety of classes both online and in-person if you would like to learn more about these tools for yourself or to use in your own healing practice.

My background:

Nestled among the redwoods, under the starry skies of West Sonoma County, I track the movements of the planets and follow the cycles of nature. Astrology, flower essences and tarot are some of the tools I’ve used over the last twenty-seven years to share the mystery and magic of the earth with others. As a Virgo Sun sign, Aquarius Moon and Libra rising with Venus in Cancer (the ruler of my chart) in my 10th house, I thrive on watching the alchemy of astrology and plants bring more beauty and love into my client's lives.

I’ve benefited from the astrological wisdom of Steven Forrest (through his astrological apprenticeship program) and also the mentorship of Asata Gabriel, who taught me over the years (with great Aries verve), about astrology, intuition and flower essences. I received my magical training with the Reclaiming Community in San Francisco, beginning in 1992, and have taught magical classes nationwide. I have also received advanced training and degrees in many modalities of healing including: accupressure, essential oils, energy healing, flower essences and massage (Thai, Shiatsu and Western) from the Mckinnon Body Institute and from Alive and Well in 1994. My writing has appeared in The Mountain Astrologer, The Llewellyn Books Annuals, Well Being Magazine and Organic Spa Magazine .  I have an M.A. from Sonoma State University and I’m a member of the San Francisco Astrological Association and a founding partner in Galaxy Girls Events.

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Recently, I finished editing my partner Michael Stuart Ani's book: The Ghost Dance: an Untold History of the Americas and we are now busy managing the introduction of this epic story to the world. You can listen to an interview that Michael did recently with Caroline Casey (astrologer extraordinaire!) on her site Coyote Network News