My Professional Bio:

I’ve benefited from the astrological wisdom of Steven Forrestthrough his astrological apprenticeship program, and also the mentorship of artist, astrologer and all around wise woman, Asata Gabriel, who taught me over the course of 25 years about astrology, intuition, plant medicine and so much more.

I have been practicing earth based pagan traditions since 1990 and have received advanced training and degrees in many modalities of healing including: accupressure, herbs, essential oils, energy healing, flower essences and massage (Thai, Shiatsu, Ayurvedic and Swedish) from the Mckinnon Body Therapy Center and am currently in the process of becoming a certified herbalist at the California School of Herbal Studies. My writing has appeared in The Mountain Astrologer, The Llewellyn Books Annuals, Well Being Magazine and Organic Spa Magazine .  I have an M.A. from Sonoma State University, am a Steven Forest Master Astrologer and a founding partner in Galaxy Girls Events and A Fool’s Journey Retreat. I currently do astrology, tarot and flower essence consultations in Sebastopol, CA and long distance via phone and Zoom. Want to find out more about astrology, tarot or flower essences? Contact me to book your consultation or book online here

My familiar Gracie Goose, taking a swim.

My familiar Gracie Goose, taking a swim.

My Story:

Astrology arrived in my life at a young age, via my beloved grandfather, who informed me, sometime around the time I first learned to read, that we were both Virgos. From then on when I would visit, part of our morning ritual, along with our traditional breakfast of Grapenuts and toast with homemade jam (so very Virgo), was reading our sun sign horoscopes in the paper. It wasn't too long before I was captivated by anything and everything astrological. In college my astrological education took an exciting turn when I met a beloved mentor and soon to be lifelong friend who opened up incredible doorways into the unlimited world of the stars and planets above and the flowers and plants below.

Now I spend a good amount of time under the starry skies of West Sonoma County,  where I track the movements of the planets and follow the cycles of nature. Astrology, flower essences and tarot are some of the tools I’ve used over the last twenty-eight years to share the mystery and magic of the earth and sky with others. As a Virgo Sun sign, Aquarius Moon and Libra rising with Venus in Cancer (the ruler of my chart) in my 10th house, I thrive on watching the alchemy of astrology and plants bring healing, magic, beauty and love into my client's lives.

Meanwhile my Mercury (planet of communication), Pluto (planet of transformation, depth and intensity), South Node (karmic past) and Uranus (planet of diversity, astrology and technology) stellium (a grouping of planets), in the 12th house have gifted me with a photographic memory for astrology: more than likely, once I’ve seen your chart, I will remember it like a picture in my brain. This stellium also brought me a congenital hearing loss, so I depend on technology (ruled by Uranus): hearing aids, closed captioning phone and text messages to help aid my communication with hearing folks. I am fortunate to be able to hear enough to enjoy music, dance and conversations with my hearing friends, but also grateful for living in an age where I have assistance from the Uranian realm.

I believe in fate and free will. Some experiences in our life are fated, like my hearing loss. But how we respond to our fate is up to us.  Which brings me to the free will part of my astrological philosophy: I think that one of our most important human rights is our free will. Our free will allows us to get creative, our free will is where our power lies, and our free will, combined with the insight of the stars and planets, can help us to create a life that is rich and meaningful.

I'm not a fortune teller or a psychic with a neon sign. I'm a guide, a coach, a healer and an intuitive with the ability to help you transform your perspective, your energy and your life. I can help you craft a new story, with new possibilities for how you might approach your fate. I can point out potentials and new pathways you might not have imagined for yourself before. I know, because I've lived it, that you don't have to be at the mercy of your fate, you don't need to bow down to anyone else's story of who you are or should be. You have the power to create your own story.

And speaking of stories, I recently finished editing my partner Michael Stuart Ani's book: The Ghost Dance: an Untold History of the Americas and we are now happily managing the introduction of this epic story to the world. You can listen to a few interviews that Michael has done recently with Caroline Casey (astrologer extraordinaire!) on her site Coyote Network News

*I take on a limited number of private students each year to mentor. I teach astrology, tarot and flower essences in Sebastopol, CA or long distance via phone or Zoom. You can contact me if you are interested in learning my skills.